Party Room Info

Come & Celebrate at WheatFields

Room fees are paid at time of booking and are non-refundable.

WheatFields Patio Room: $150 for 3 hours of exclusive use. Seats up to 30.
WheatFields SunRoom: $250 for 3 hours of exclusive use. Seats up to 60.
Andre’s Restaurant: $350 for large private parties. 3 hours of exclusive use. Seats 100+.
(Additional time is available at $50 per half hour.)

Party Food Options
Parties of 20 or less can opt for a buffet OR a 3 entrée pre-selected menu served by WheatFields wait staff.
Parties of more than 20 can choose their buffet selections from our current catering menu.
Entrée Parties are possible during normal restaurant dining hours of 7:00am until 4:00pm.
Buffet Parties may be possible in the evening hours.

With all booked parties a server will be provided to setup room, maintain buffet, serve drinks and clean up. All parties include all service ware needed (dishes, glasses, silverware, napkins, chafers, etc).

A 25% gratuity is added for the server on the total excluding the room fee.
Party Room buffet selections are in our current Catering Brochure. We are happy to assist with suggestions and amounts to help make your party perfect.

*Full Service Bar is available.
*No outside food or drink is allowed. Only exceptions are for wine and cake for which a $5 per
glass corking fee and/or a $5 per cake plate cutting fee will be added.
*All food details need to be final 48 hours before the party date.

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Party Room Bookings

Thank you! We will be contacting you soon to talk about your Party Room Request

Sun Room
Sun Room
Sun Room
Sun Room
Patio Room
Patio Room
Andres' Dining Room-1
Simplicity & Elegance Presented on One Beautiful Plate...
you Design
Available Anytime

6 Items $11.95

7 Items $12.95

8 Items $13.95

Strawberry Wedding Cake cupcakes4-1
Egg Salad Croissant Catering 5-1
Orchard Fresh Fruit Tray 3-1
Strawberry Wedding Cake 16inch 2-1
Baked Wrapped Shrimp Catering-1
Stuffed Mushrooms Catering-1
Wonton Chips Catering-1
Thai Chicken Satay-1
Orchard Fresh Fruit Tray-1
Meat & Cheese Cube Tray-1
Caramel Bread Pudding Catering-1
Brown Derby Cobb Catering-1
Beef, Potatoes & Carrots Catering-1
Brown Derby Cobb Catering 2-1
Chicken Platter w- Tenders Side 3-1
Wonton Chips-Catering-1
Caramel Bread Pudding-Catering-1
Chicken Teriyaki-Catering-1
Cheese Puffs-Catering-1
Bacon Wrapped Chestnuts-Catering-1
Bacon Wrapped Shrimp-Catering-1
Sweet Temptations Med tray-1
Sweet Temptations Full tray-1
Jack Benny Cake Catering-1
Mini Chicken Pot Pies-1
Deviled Eggs-1
Brie Puff Pastry-2
Fruit Dessert Catering-1
Crabcakes with Salsa-1