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​WheatField's Eatery and Bakery began at the turn of the century "2000". Family Owned & Managed, WheatFields serves simple, but elegant foods with a hint of European and an emphasis on dining everyday.

WheatField's features Omaha's biggest bakery lineup...from sticky buns to strawberry wedding cake, as well as a full service dining room serving breakfast...lunch...dinner and a lengthy takeout and deli menu.

Founders Ron & Ruth Ann Popp have captured the charm of the Midwest, emphasizing every season while serving dishes featuring local fruits & vegetables.

The management team is comprised of Ron & Ruth Ann, and son Andrew Popp who have been serving OMAHA foodies for over 20 years at WheatFields.


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Andrew is warming the oven while Ron is standing by awaiting your party room call. Look through our comprehensive catering brochure to find your perfect selections for your next event.

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You can submit your order via email to our catering professionals. Once you submit your email you will receive an email confirmation that our team has received your order.

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Pie of the Month

Pie of the Month
$9.99 Peach

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Karens' Ooh La La overhead-1.jpg

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Karen's Ooh La La Cake 1-1
Turtle fudge cake 3-1
Strawberry Wedding Cake Piece 1
Turtle fudge inside 2-1
Turtle fudge cake 3-1
Jack Benny Cake 1
Salted Caramel Fudge Cake whole-1
Karen's Ooh La La Cake 1-1
Caramel Bread Pudding -1
Rocky Mountain Pie Piece 3-1
Cherry Cheesecake 2-1
Chocolate Moose Cheesecake 6-1
Creme Puff Cloud close up5-1
M & M Bars-1
French Moon Cake 4-1
Caramel Apple Pecan Crisp-1-2
Strawberry Wedding Cake cupcake2-1
Fruit Crisp 1-1
Blueberry Pie serving-1
Owl sugar cookies close up 2-1
Flower Sugar Cookie 1-1
Fish Sand w Fries 1-1
Andres Chicken Sand-1
Ron's Chicken Dinner 1-1
Monterry Chicken Sand w-fries 1-1
Zesty Burger w- fries 2-1
Crepes Fransaise 1-1
San Pellegrino 1-1
Strawberry Lemonade 1-1-2
Harvest Moon Drink-1
French Dip Sandwich-1

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